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Medical Professionals for Life is a program of the Right to Life League, connecting medical professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, hospital staff and administrators, EMTs, paramedics, nursing specialists, clinicians, and all medical staff to share information on issues impacting the practice of pro-life medicine. 

Medical Professionals for Life provides resources to keep pro-life medical professionals informed on matters affecting the medical community and provides an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, strengthening the pro-life medical community and creating a culture of life in our country.


The Right to Life League is America's First Pro-Life Organization, founded in 1967 as a grass-roots effort to stop the Bielenson Bill, California's first therapeutic abortion bill.  The League made its first major impact by traveling to Sacramento and meeting with then-governor Ronald Reagan, educating him about the reality of abortion.  He had already agreed to sign the bill, but he told League founders he would never sign another pro-abortion bill again - and he was true to his word.  

Since then, for the past 54 years, the Right to Life League has been boldly educating about abortion, supporting pregnancy help clinics and maternity homes throughout California, and engaging in legislative advocacy in a state that is the most hostile anti-life environment in our nation.  And we are proud to do it!



MISSION:  The Right to Life League is an education and service organization dedicated to the support and protection of innocent human life, from conception to natural death. We provide administrative, IT, financial, legal and medical support services to our network of crisis pregnancy clinics, centers and maternity homes across California. 

We exist to defend the God-given gift of life.

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